Listen Up! — August 2017

Album: The War is Over
Artist: Josh Baldwin
5/5 stars

Josh Baldwin currently lives in Redding, California. He moved there to lead worship at the Bethel church and be a part of their music company. You can certainly tell he leads worship because his music has the worship feel to it. Before this move, he and his family lived in North Carolina. He recently released an album called The War is Over. I was automatically drawn to the title track. It has a beautiful melody with powerful words. The song paints the imagery of a battle being finished. The song gives you a safe feeling as you find that someone has already won the battle for us. During the bridge, you find that the battle was won by the death of Jesus. The song brings a peaceful feeling to you as you listen, reminding you “He is our victory.”

Album: Dawn
Artist: Eric Heron
2/5 stars

Eric Heron spent his life between Miami, Florida and his older years in San Antonia, Texas. It took till his college years for him to discover his love for music. He performs mainly rap. His recently released album Dawn sounds a lot like some of Andy Mineos’ albums. I wasn’t a big fan of most of the album. I really enjoyed the chorus of the song “Dawn,” but the words were lacking depth. To me, that was the problem with most of his songs. He was covering important issues, but unable to make his songs meaningful. For instance, in his song “Be Me,” he covers the importance of being yourself only by repetitively saying it.  The words could use an upgrade, but I think they have some interesting beats. The music would be great if you were looking for something to dance to.

Shyan Campfield

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